We foster a lifelong learning process that reflects the values and skills for a regenerative living culture, through engaging the Collective members and our learners/ visitors into real-life, grassroots, environmental sustainability actions and projects.

Our achievements 2015-2023


Preservation and generation of 150+ plant species which are useful for ecosystem and people, in a number of home and community gardens; greening the landscape where we work


Recycling about 40 tons+ of organic waste from gardens and fields, Hoi An city’s restaurants and local markets into compost and organic inputs for local agriculture


Working with 10+ hospitality businesses in recycling 2 tons+ of discarded linens and 600kg+ of discarded soaps, helping hundreds of children with school uniforms, and 5+ medical centers in mountainous areas with linen products


Trainings on sustainable gardening and skills with 100+ young people who come from disadvantaged background. Many of them go back and make impacts in their hometown


Trainings on zero waste lifestyle, waste segregation and making composts with 600+ families and women in Hoi An urban and rural areas, enabling them to be active environment champions for their own benefits and diverting organic waste away from polluting the landfill


Hosting workshops and hands-on experiences for 1200+ individuals, families, schools, organizations from all walks of life and from all over the world, learning about regenerative lifestyle and how they can be a part of the solutions where they live

Key project themes

From Waste to Resource

Our solutions can be applied at individual, family level; at business operation level and at community level. Regarding Solid Waste Management, we adopt the Zero-Waste principles in our own practices, partnership and consultancy services, which emphasizes the Upstream approach – Refuse and Reduce to not create waste at the first place. Green Youth Collective is a strong promoter for the Reuse Revolution – by that, a committed practitioner in circular economy where materials and products can be Refilled, Repaired and Repurposed. Lastly, we Recycle bio-waste using different appropriate technologies, which are grassroots-friendly, energy-efficient and locally adaptable.

Green Youth Collective is also a local operation of the Global “Soap for Hope” and “Linens for Life” programs, initiated by Diversey, in turning luxury hotels’ discarded soap and linen items into useful products, providing income for community groups and reducing pollution to natural environment.

Regenerative Gardening

We demonstrate the food circularity in Hoi An city by using the compost and soil amendment products made from bio waste recycling and by introducing a diverse community of resilient and useful plants that bring benefits for both garden ecosystem and human community. Green Youth Collective operates and runs 3 different sites of regenerative, community gardening and uses these as living platforms to encourage community people to grow their own food in the health-friendly low-impact way.

Urban garden – Hoi An Eco Hub

Sub-urban garden – Triem Tay Compost Facility

Rural garden – Go Noi village

Sustainable skills Education

21st century learning skills


We think a lot of people would benefiting from visiting your gardens, because your team is very knowledgeable, passionate, creative and many of the ideas that you have put to work will surely motivate people and families to try some of the techniques themselves – to save money, take better care of their animals, have pesticide-free food and reconnect with nature.

― Kristiina – studying sustainability at Uni of Copenhagen

“I loved staying with the families, seeing their culture and really enjoyed all the conservation work we did. Everyone at the Collective and in the community was every kind, welcoming and helpful.”

― The World Challenge team, July 2022

“Thank you for teaching us how to make compost, make soaps, plant trees, make fertilizer, make herbal tea, shop in the local market for fresh produce and cooking Vietnamese style”

― The World Challenge team, July 2022

“Your community garden was amazing and an eye-opener to the methods used for sustainable living”

― The World Challenge team, July 2022

Want an unique experience in community and environmental sustainability projects?

We provide educational, hands-on experiences for individuals, families, schools, companies, organizations and communities. Participants are invited to take actions while learning about the picture of local context in which we address the critical challenges for sustainability such as climate change, mismanaged plastic and waste, rapid urbanization and so on. The experiences are highly social with the direct engagement and interaction with local community who share their local knowledge and skills. Our learners always come home with inspiration and the starting point of know-how to take regenerative actions where they live.

The options for experiencing our projects are widely varied. Contact us via Facebook or Email to make the experiences best suit your needs.

About Us

We are Green Youth Collective, a community of regenerative actions and experiential learning experiences.

Everyone who visits us can take part of the solutions for sustainability.


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